Monday, 10 August 2009

Hooked Fever... People Succumb to Hot Skate Antics

On a Roll
Episode 3 of 8

Just like Swine Flue peeps were dying for a skate at the Hooked sessions.

The Chad crew, Chris Gair (Hooked Team), The Iron Fist possy, Craig Smedley and numerous other dudes thrashed the ply till the paint bubbled, on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

With a new trolly to shift the ramps and some new crew to help out, it was set to be a sizzler.

Josh P, frontsidein the box

Josh, pulls up an air chair.

Hooked's own Chris G... sick.

50 suits you.

Your up dudes, show us what you got...

Grom line comp.
"Fight on his hands", Jimmy trys to claw back first place from Ryan.

Bs 5050 and this guy skates all the way from Allenton... respec Matt

With some Lutzka stylee. Ball bounce on the box.

Craig always stylish - even in shorts...

Lipslide with attitude, Mr B.

Becca and Kate. Should have brought the Mac it would have been easier!

Imie and Phil, ray city for a change!

Toby B and Smedders.
What's that smell, two finger salute to the Possy.

Josh R and Becca relaxing, but not for long!

Chris G an Fraser... goin for the ear wax.

Ryan K, kicked out kickflip...yehhh!

OGs Josh and Jack

Ryan K... grom on the way up.

Seniors, Josh Price had the best line... Rad Dad presents the prize, stoked.

Hooked's new trolly- great pullin machine... turn up the tunes!

Dave was busy melting in China to be at the session, but had time to drop an edit of the action, check it out.

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