Friday, 14 August 2009

Secret Mission to Mars-Oops we mean Lidl

On the Hush-Hush Trail

Rumours were flying at Roll With Us on Saturday that footage for some up and coming (sorry that sounds a bit rude) Dv's were being shot at a venue near us, so we wandered down to Lidl barrier/banks, to check it out.

Top brass cam crew the Chesterfield's Slugger skate shop dudes and some of the locals, through some stuff down and then settled back to watch Smeders bust his balls... bet he slept well that night!

Craig bustin' out a ... over the barrier with M...filming.

Airin' out the blue jeans doing a ...

The Adios taking a pounding.

Craig finally lands it. A crisp... shit what was the name of that trick again, sorry have to wait till Bomber DV comes out!

Heathen's Nick Roberts trying a casper somethin', didn't land it though!

What's white makes a nasty squeak when you tear it and leaves you with dandruff like residue? No, not plucking albino mice... Styrofoam of course, Daz gets the brunt.

Nick Kflip the steel.

Man behind the mask and the cam Martin Kennelly.

Louis Slater of Slugger skate shop Chez, kickflip bank to bank over the corner.

Tweaking the ollie.

Slater throws out the foot

Fraser dropping in off the wall, I wish!
Louis- just walk away.

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