Thursday, 20 August 2009

Repairs at Wirkey

Ramp Revamp

Just when we thought we got it sussed, something else shits up.

We thought grannies came out late at night, drinking copious amount of vodka/red bull, sitting around knitting ball wormers and doing general skate park repairs but we were wrong- about Wirkworth anyway!

With the sun high in the sky an undercover reporter dude managed to get these images with a 7.2 m.p. Hooked badge cam wired to his T.

Workers oblivious to the hi tec intrusion, carried on as if they were there alone, with one worker uttering the immortal words "f**k I've got a wedgee" each time they bent to pick somethin up.

Busy butchering.

Blue drill.

There is a herd of red deer livin in here... No shit!

Yellow saw.

Yellow drill.

Yellow hammer. What the ...

Blue bits and pieces.

Where's the yellow screw driver, you didn't leave in the ramp... Bastard!!

We snuck away leaving them to it.
Keep up the great work lads.

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