Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Skate Park... Bowl

Darley Dale... Bowl Roll

Legend says that it was a massive ice cream making vat, constructed by the Romans circa 74 AD. To supply visiting dignitaries and their legions whilst they were doing a tour of the Peak District using numerous B+B's along the way.

The vat supplied the Legionares with what was thought to be a medicinal supply of one cornetto or ice lolly as a prescribed daily allowance. This was as long as they stayed in the Peaks.
A teeth rotting revelation to an other wise mundane story.

We like to think it was built by skaters for skaters, with a checkered history of epic slides, grinds and slams to add to its slightly haggard and pattened character.


Rad on the drop.

Hooked board and Adio insole... bestest mates.

Surprize me shit brain!

Thats nasty!

It gets a ...'s up from us.

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