Thursday, 27 August 2009

Roll With Us: Session 5 of 8

Episode 5 of 8

Showy males not always a good catch

When males show off to attract potential partners, exactly how honest are they likely to be? Sadly for females, scientists have found that what you see is not always what you get - males will stop at nothing to make the most of their chances.
Planet Earth Online

Hooked Skate Organisation Disagree to Allegations of Showy Males

A Hooked spokesperson suggested that its all about people having fun, and if other persons think its showing off then maybe they should try it sometime. Im sure some males will be attracted to female skaters having fun on there boards, thats how it works- Roll With Us ladies and gents.


Josh was pleased with lifting all the ramps alone...


New tee, stoked

Rad Dad gets some bling, stoked

Then drops some classic maneuvers

Ryan is young, and good... a scary combo

Tobias Batchelor showing the kids how it's done

Phil blazes a manny

Kate pops to the beat of the boombox

Josh films Jacob nose manual the grind box

Dave wrecks a posed pic, nice one

Ringo was on form, tranny heels

Craig Smedley came, gave loads of used decks out... hero

Phil pivils

Kate took some wicked shots

Epic blunt

Dave joins the ranks of loyal lurkers, repping with a tee

While Jimmy repped the munch

Dave F, just a bit further...

Josh N, ollie the gap... impressive!

Kid's got pop

Dave took some slams but made it

Josh floated every go

Oakwood hood member Tim is back on his board, and took the hippy jump comp by storm, winning it... them legs are elastic

Pads or not... give me a second to decide.

How do you spell L-U-R- K-E-R-S, yep I think thats rite.

Josh Price, boned out... Mr Tom is buzzing in the background

Hasta lavista baby...I'll be back!

Ryan K, Frontside kickflip 180 off the ramp.

Jacob got a flip bs salad on this

Josh R + Josh N, bridging the gap.

Kickflip Blunt, one of Smedder's signatures.

Mannnyyy... Josh N.


Just when you thought you were safely out of cam range.

Don't thinks this guys from these parts...Fraser flying the Derby flag.

Skate dice... so we got kickflip on rail... Poo thats an S.

Toby move your ass, can't see the other dice dude.

A shadow of that great toilet seat in the sky!

Check the edit, look out for the hippie jump comp!

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