Monday, 17 August 2009

Rolling with us: Part 4 of 8

Well it was a dirty grey sky in the morning - but the show must go on. Session 4 of the Roll With Us sessions was still a bloody great day, and the sun even turned up at 1pm. You voted for the ramp layout with a gap hip to play with, and we did just that.
Banging day, Saturday 15th August.

Local lurkfest: Josh is loyal with a Hooked tee, Connor, Dave and Ryan are regulars

Phil films the action for the edit

Kate isn't scared of a board in the legs

Josh and Tom, close quarters

Jimmy goes mental every session

Toby was there, catching some crip backtails

Chris won the comp with this trick later... 5050 to lipslide

Badass gloves

Haggard shoes

Kind of fresh

Purple twinkle toes

Fraser BS 180s the new ramp layout, hip with gap

Josh Price flips the gap

The initiation to have a stencil is snapping a deck with your head


Fraser's Jacket was made in 'West Germany'

TB's new Death deck.. I agree

Next session we're dropping in from the basketball net

Josh fs slasher

Hooked rep Gair stoked on winning the grind box comp

Josh won the young guns box comp with a fakie bigspin off it... boom

Thanks as usual to everyone who came / helped / skated / lurked / laughed at people falling off / filmed / slammed or shouted.

Check yo'self on the edit.

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