Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Vote: Roll With Us ramp layouts

So the sessions have been going well, but now is the time when you get the option to spice up the layout. Got an idea for a trick or line, see which layout is your style and vote it in (top left of the blog).

Click the images to zoom and get a better view, or save them to your desktop.

layout option 1 - the original and popular so far

layout option 2 - King of lines style manual pad and box, as well as driveway split into a hip with a gap for the brave

Layout option 3 - The two small kickers are used together with an adjustable gap to clear, whilst on the other side the box and manny pad are line friendly - with the mini rail added to the manny pad for fun

Email in if you have any ideas or layouts you want to put forward for the future sessions.

Next session is the 15th August, get down to:

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